Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gardener's focus

What's more important -- the President or new spinach?
Yesterday I posted on Facebook that I was about to take the foreign journalists from the University of Maryland to the White House Press Briefing. But I also announced I had harvested from my garden the first spinach and chard of the season. My nephew Nick -- the man who never writes a postcard -- responded on my wall that he was jealous. "Mine are just sprouts," he said of his Montana garden spinach. My pal Sal from Minneapolis also chimed in about spinach envy. "And, oh the White House is nice, too" she added.

So I share a recipe I've used from the New York Times for almost two decades -- works well on spinach year-around, but is particularly good on spring greens:
Brown garlic slivers in olive oil; add pine nuts to toast as well. Throw in the tender new spinach for only a short time. Add a few raisins or currants.

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